Super Junior (Korean: 슈퍼주니어), often referred to as SJ or SuJu, is a boy band from Seoul, South Korea. They are currently the world's largest boy band, and are produced and managed by Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment.

    Shindong's Biography


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    Shindong's Biography Empty Shindong's Biography

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    Shindong's Biography TyrjgShindong's Biography ShinDong-2
    Real Name: 신동희 Shin Donghee
    Stage Name: 신동 Shindong
    Chinese Name: 申東 Shen Dong
    Date of Birth: September 28, 1985
    Height: 178 cm
    Hobbies: watching comic movies, gag, dancing
    Casting: 9th SM Youth Best Selection Best Comedian 1st place, Wholeness Compensation 2005
    First Appearance: July 2002, Goyangsi Yout Dance Part Daesang/Compensation
    Trivia Fact: Confessed that he cheated on his girlfriend. Out of all the Super Junior members, he had his first kiss first. Said to be second dirtiest member of the group (as in ‘not clean’); in one of Super Junior’s shower competitions he took only 27 seconds, breaking Shiwon’s record of 30 seconds.
    Reasons to Love Him: Everyone judges looks, so the first reaction is always WHY IS THERE A FAT GUY?! But once you look past his body size, Shindong is the cutest thing ever. Shindong does the best (in the whole wide world) comedy dances (if you don’t believe, go youtube Super Junior - Miracle Performance and watch his solo dance in the middle, it’ll make you literally ROFL). Shindong is like a human-size teddy bear who has an adorable friendship with Sungmin (Sungmin makes him food, and they hang out all the time). He is also talented at dancing, and he took a big part in Don’t Don’s choreography and member arrangement. Shindong is someone who will shine everywhere, with or without SJ.

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