Super Junior (Korean: 슈퍼주니어), often referred to as SJ or SuJu, is a boy band from Seoul, South Korea. They are currently the world's largest boy band, and are produced and managed by Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment.

    Reason's Why I Love Super Junior



    Who is your favorite Super Junior member?

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    Reason's Why I Love Super Junior

    Post  Satsuki on Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:22 am

    1. Great Voices

    2. All of them are sexy

    3. Their dancing makes me melt.

    4. Eeteuk's smile and Dimples. Also his laugh makes me giggle.

    5. Shindong's Goofy side

    6. Donghae's childish side

    7. Siwon....Nickname is joker from me because his laugh and smile reminds me of the joker.

    8. Sungmin....Because he is the pink prince. His smile makes me think he had braces while he was young.

    9. Hankyung.....his laugh is cute.

    10. Heechul is way hyper and is soo damn funny. He is also one of my fave fave. He likes disney movies and so do I.

    11. Yesung....he has a beautiful big nose. I dont see why everyone makes a big deal out of it. He is very handsome.

    12. Hyukyun.....he is shy and has a great smile.

    13.Ryeowook...he is very sensative and he reminds me of me. He has a great complection and his skin is milky soft.

    14. Eunhyuck....well he likes to goof around and he laughs way too much. he jokes about everything and his laugh is silent and his smile is cute.

    15. Kibum....I can go on with him!!! He knows English!!! Hit me up has a super white smile that makes my heart go crazy.....he's hot and has a serious side.

    16. Henry...i dont know much about him but i know he is good at the violin and is very talented. He is cute and the youngest so i can't touch!!

    17. i really dont know much about Zhoumi. He does have a great voice and his nose is huge.....but all together he is sexy!!!

    18. Their songs are addictive. Especially Don't Don....and Wonder Boy.

    19. Great actors!!!

    20. They dont care what they look like on camera. That is good because every entertainer cares what he or she looks like and they dont so for me its a good thing.

    21. They are good friends with DBSK, whom I like also.

    22. Eeteuk pushes himself to hard until he makes himself sick. He cares about others and puts everyone else first before him....i like that because i do it too.

    23. Their love signs are cute.

    24. They work extra hard and pushes themselves to the limit to make their fans happy.....and some fans are selfish and it's wrong....but they work hard.

    25. They are very emotional.

    26. I can go on and on about SuJu!!! I'll end here. They have a lot of videos on youtube that i like watching.
    Super Juniors Videos From YouTube
    27. Kangin.....He is just adorable!!!

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